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Being productive#10

The Productivity Cycle

This blog is basically about the productivity cycle. Why it’s important to not leave the zone of working? Basically, whenever we complete a particular task we enter a comfort zone where we start wasting time. The simple way to explain will be by taking an example. So let’s assume we are in school whenever our exams are near we start studying that is the phase when we study a lot. When the exams are over we start chilling some go to watch movies while some watch television the whole day. We are trying to take a break for some days as exam days are tense and exhaustive and we think we need a big break from studies. This is true in some way but partly, because this break never ends and in the name of break and chill we leave a scheduled life and start wasting time on social media and the internet.

Our brain tells us that we deserve to rest and in that long time we don’t do anything. Wasting time on unproductive things is not any kind of break rather it’s better to sleep for the whole day. We realize this when again our exams are near and we haven’t studied anything but it’s too late at that time and again we exhaust ourselves by having late-night study sessions, not sleeping well and so on. Rather it’s better to study less at the start when you don’t have pressure it also boosts your confidence when exams are near as you are at least done with 20 to 30 percent of the work. This problem even worsens during summer vacations. Everyone is happy as they have got freedom from books and school. In our school, everyone literally used to wish happy Independence day on the last exam of every term. Of course, you should enjoy I am not telling you to be a bookworm but you should not be completely detached from studies. It’s absolutely fine if you are in 7th or 8th grade but those who are above this grade they should not completely stop studying. If you don’t like studying then do some less productive tasks according to your likes. If you like painting then paint or read literature or try to learn something new, a sport or an art or music maybe you will find your passion in something. Do any productive task but don’t waste your time on useless things it won’t help in developing your personality.

I did the same mistake by wasting my time, it wasn’t during the vacations but during my college. When my 10th board exams ended I learned 2 sports and read a lot of books but didn’t study as of course, I felt I deserve enjoyment. When my college started I studied less compared to when I was in 10th grade. Passing 10th grade seemed like everything to me as it is hyped so much in the society. Then when I was realizing my mistake 11th-grade term exams came near and suddenly this Chinese virus came in which I think messed up everything. In the beginning, lockdown seemed like a boon but as time passed people suffered mostly students and especially mediocre students because scholar students always did hard work and they knew how to utilize time, and dumb students knew how to waste time. I am among the mediocre and I confess I wasted a lot of my time watching Youtube, scrolling Instagram feed, and watching movies on television. I never came out of that phase which started from my 11th grade. That’s why I am saying don’t be completely get out of a good hard-working routine you will have to face a lot of obstacles to get back in. This doesn’t imply till 12th grade it is for lifelong just tell me if you study hard like mad get into an IIT and then end up being addicted to smoking or alcohol or drugs then that 2 years of hard work becomes a waste. You are always known because of your present and not your past.


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