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My first day of offline college.

The last two years were very confusing. At the start, we were optimistic we felt the lockdown won’t last for much longer. We felt we will be able to attend our schools and colleges after a few months but it took a quite long time to happen. At a point in time, I was feeling comfortable in my life, For two years I was living a life where there were very few social interactions, less hard work, and a lot of time to explore.

A week ago all degree colleges started operating offline and after a long time, we were going to have that old experience of attending lectures, meeting new people, and making new friends. Our college started in online mode and almost half of our first year went in the same way. When our college reopened in an offline mode there were many problems I faced because I had no friends in my new college. As our college first started online only those who were active in groups made some friends otherwise for people like me it was a completely new place. Many things happened on the first day like I got lost on the Railway platform because I was not knowing the route properly. I felt very lonely on the first day no friends no one familiar those who were familiar was not talking at all. People in my class seemed divided some had their friends some people formed their groups some people didn’t want to speak some were too introverted or scared to speak maybe I don’t know but seriously my first day of college was very depressing. I used to be very less active in our class WhatsApp group but there was one thing that I observed The people who used to chat a lot in our group spoke very less in reality. People were more confident talking online and everyone had made their online personalities. I saw some people’s faces for the first time and it was very hard to believe they were the same people.

The first day was not as I was expecting rather it was tiring because of the traveling and long boring lectures. It was different because it was not the first day for everyone, some people very still sad because they were not able to make it into a big college. The first two three days were somewhat similar then I started interacting with some of my classmates made a few friends and then things went well. I had people to talk to to make the boring half an hour train journey enjoyable, laugh at each other and curse our teachers. I have friends who will bunk with me and I am happy about it. I am happy that I introduce myself to others and make new friends myself instead of waiting for someone else.

I still miss my junior college days and even my school days as those days and experiences were also unique and different. I am happy that at least our college has started and now I can experience great college life.


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