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My Public speaking experience🗣️

Stage fear has always been a problem for me since my school days. I was a very bad speaker with very less self-confidence and a lot of self-doubts. We always run from our fears because we think we will always fail and make fun of ourselves.

In my junior college, the situation worsened. If I look back and think about it I think I wasn’t a bad speaker but my fear that people will judge me or my classmates will laugh at me made me one. I have observed this a lot as we grow up people’s opinions matter a lot to us. When I was 10 years old I anchored our school's annual day program without any problem in front of a huge audience. At that time I never cared about what the others felt about me but as I grew up I started overthinking and performing in front of even 10 people seemed scary.

I am currently doing engineering and a month ago our colleges reopened. We have a subject called professional communication and ethics and we had to give a lot of speeches during the lectures. It was going to be a unique experience because I was going to give a speech after almost 3 years. I was not scared at the start maybe because I was not knowing half of my classmates so blundering on stage didn’t matter much to me.

I gave an average speech and one thing I realized was to improve and become a better speaker I have to first practice and give a lot of speeches instead of running from them. I think it is ok to fail but you have to constantly practice and improve. In our class almost everyone made mistakes while speaking someone was not able to grasp the audience’s attention someone was not able to speak proper English some panicked on the stage and went blank. Everyone was imperfect and that is what made me a bit more comfortable on the stage because I was not the only one who felt he can’t speak. Language and content were a big problem for me before I started writing. Writing blogs helped me a lot in thinking about the topic on a personal level and making the speech more interesting.

I am still not a good speaker but there is one thing I can tell you never doubt your self or feel that you are less capable, Try your best and never run from your fears.

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