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From yes fap to no fap

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In this blog we are going to talk about porn addiction. We are not going to talk about what's right what's wrong. I don't think I am a right person who can suggest someone what to do and what not to do. In today's blog I will be talking about my porn addiction experience.

Everyone gets into this fantasy word in school, we are over curious about this topic of sex which basically leads us into porn addiction. This happens with almost everyone but the problem is we are not mature enough to face this problem. A lot of people don't even realize this is a big problem and this can be a addiction. A lot of people think it's a normal thing which everyone faces in their teens even I used to feel the same.

When lock down was announced I was scared that this feeling will start again and it did because we had no work to do and we used to be at home for the whole day. Before that I didn't had any time to even think about these things and I don't think after 9th grade I would have seen porn. But in lock- down I wasn't able to control and I got addicted to porn.

Once while searching I came across this term no fap and I got various recommended videos about porn addiction and no fap some where even ted talks. I really don't know why I was searching porn on YouTube. I wasn't knowing this is such a big topic and even comparable to alcohol or smoking addiction. I watched some videos and podcasts on this topic. I think the best part about lock down was we had a lot of time to think about our actions our thoughts and make some changes in our personality. Due to lock down some good changes happened in our life and some bad changes as well. No fap is not a easy stuff you have to fight with your mind. It's not easy to do no fap for 100 days on a stretch first we have to do 10 days then 20 days then a month and so on. Don't think after 2 or 3 months you will be out of porn addiction it will still happen. it happened with me the same way the most I have controlled was for 3 months then again I started watching porn. In the start I used wrong strategy, I used to feel if I will divert my mind I will be able to overcome this addiction. I started watching television for long, I used to watch a lot of entertaining videos and movies on Youtube and this is how I used to spend my day. But when my exams started I had to study everyday and because there wasn't any dopamine release in my body my mind got diverted to porn again. I wasn't getting out of addiction but was just giving my mind another source of dopamine. Of course we can't see television and use mobile for our whole day so it's better to follow no fap in your normal day schedule.

Now it's been a month I am following no fap, I still get those thoughts but I don't think much upon that topic or just let the thought go away. I have started going out for a walk or going out cycling it really helps it makes me fresh or you can exercise everyday it will also help. Do a bit of self talk and understand your situation. I did the same I asked myself does porn benefits me in any way, of course no. After watching porn I used to feel guilty about what I had done it used to make me feel sad. If 1 hour of enjoyment and happiness is making you feel sad and guilty for the whole day then what's the point of doing that. It will take time but never lose hope and try to take control of your mind and don't let your mind take control of yourself.

Some people may even think if you stop watching porn you will become less interested in sex but of course it's not true actually it happens the other way if you watch porn a lot then you can face many problems like Erectile dysfunction and this is a proven fact.

I will suggest you to see Salil Jamdar's Asli Mard series on YouTube it's really good do see it if you haven't yet. I think it's enough for this blog so thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed. Watch Asli Mard ep1 right here.


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