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No fap and anxiety

So I am here again with another blog. Just to give you a bit of context, this blog is going to be different than my other blogs. I am going trying something new, so kindly bear with me.

Now this may be something which you already know but you can't discuss it with your parents. I am sure you have heard of 'No Fap'. People say if you do no fap then you will be successful, attract girls become confident. Sometimes people try to sell you the ideas. I 100% agree that No fap actually makes you confident, helps you in many ways, but do you know what happens when you can't keep up with no fap and you relapse (which means you watch porn and ejaculate), personally I think that is the most shameful moment for me. The next day when you go out of your house and have that unnecessary anxiety. I mean you don't even know why are you feeling like this but you become awkward and can't socialize with people or even your friends. Deep your mind you feel a sense of guilt, this my friend is known as post-nut clarity. Porn is disgusting, actually I, myself am trying to stay away from it but it's hard for me and many others. Now two scenarios as to why you are addicted to porn first, your friends told you about and due to peer pressure you watched that, the second one is that you were bored and somehow found out that there is a thing called porn and you started watching it. In any case you messed up and I also messed up. At first you must have thought that it is amazing but it ain't, welcome to reality my friend, it is just like a movie except you know what happens. Why porn is dangerous you ask, it has many side effects, you can't think freely as it clouds your judgement. The next one is PIED which stands for Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, which is a horrible thing to happen to any man. Now-a-days there are lots of cases of young men suffer from ED.

This is just what happens to you now, did you know that when a rapist is interrogated by the police and they ask why he did that, 9 out of 10 timed the convict says that it was because he wanted to do things like he had seen in a pornographic film. Also did you know that porn is actually a kind of sexual assault. There are many porn actors who have quit this industry due to these issues. These things are actually horrible and have a dark side to them. Now do you still want to watch that god damned disgusting thing. If you are suffering from porn addiction, I would suggest you that you should watch Salil Jamdar's video called 'Asli Mard', it is a three part series which will explain you in detail what I have tried to explain here. That's why control over your thoughts is necessary as you don't think of those shitty things. No fap will help you in overcoming your addiction. Believe in yourself and hang in there.

So finally coming to the end, I wanted to keep this short so I have not written this blog very long. Anyway if you have made it to the end of this blog, I appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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