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Parents and privacy

There is a topic that comes up a lot during peer-to-peer conversations but those two things don't compliment each other, they are parents and privacy. By the way, here I am talking specifically about Indian parents, thus it may or may not be relatable. So without wasting any time allow me to elaborate.

  • Why do Indian parents don't respect privacy?

There are many factors involved like it might be their upbringing, mindset, or just genuine worry about their kids, the people who can answer this question are our parents. But they might not know why they act the way they act. I am a person who likes to be in a quiet room and try to mind my own business(like trying to learn something new or just watching something, my father starts looking at my phone, and then in my mind, I get pissed off (obviously I can't say that to his face cause as they say "their house their rules). It may be suspicion or sheer curiosity but in the end, we won't know why.

  • How can we get them to stop snooping around and invading privacy? Here factors like trust, mutual understanding play an important role. Parents should respect children's boundaries. If you try to argue with your parents over the fact that they can have privacy but you can't then it might be toxic behaviour. Parents are human beings like us but they should understand that their child is an individual who has their needs and they should be met. A person should at least get some privacy and personal space. Trust is needed for parents to understand that you are going through stages in life and sometimes like to be left in solace.

  • What can parents do to trust their kids more?

    • A quick note: I am saying this from a teenager's perspective.

Once again trust is important. For once just stop suspecting your kids of doing something wrong, when they come home or stop peeking at their phone cause the kid won't trust you, and then, in turn, you won't allow their personal space.

Now, these are some of the legible solutions that I could think of. I know my blogs are short, and this one might be shorter than my previous ones but still, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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That's it for today. Until next time.


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