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The most important thing needed for anything to succeed is patience. We need it for everything in our lives, from cooking a dish to facing a hardship in life. The most important things needed to succeed in life are hard-work, discipline, and patience.

"Patience is a virtue." - William Langland

Sure, patience is a virtue, but today in the 21st century, people don't have patience. Everybody thinks their time is more important than anybody else, they want things to be done quickly and don't give adequate time to any particular task. Hence, they don't successfully complete any task. I, also, was impatient 5 years ago but, now I am slowly starting to learn that things happen when you have patience. Patience is a moral virtue. It helps you avoid things that take you away from a flourishing and happy life.

"Impatience motivates us to reduce the costs of reaching our goal, or to switch goals. When we realize it's going to cost us more than we thought to get to our goal, our mental gears start spinning. For example you realize it's going to take more time than you thought to get home—and you grow impatient." -

Now-a-days people don't have patience because of various reasons, the most common reasons are short attention span, need for instant gratification, sedentary lifestyle or hereditary problem. There are a number of proven methods which can help subdue or let go of that habit. These habits help you achieve success in the long run. The most effective and sought after way is meditation, yes, it helps you to calm down and think things over. Meditation teaches you many things, there are other things like a sport where patience is of utmost importance. For example, Football is such a sport where the goalkeeper has to patiently wait for the attackers to try scoring a goal and improve the blocking skills. The message I want to convey is that in any scenario patience is the key, if you wait good things will happen. I, sometimes feel that people can be patient for that latest Supreme×Louis Vuitton Hoodie which will send their 7 generations down a path of never-ending debt but they don't have patience when it comes to a task which are actually important and will help them gain something important, be it financially or otherwise.

All I want to say to anybody who is reading this, BE PATIENT. Patience is the key to success. Realize it now before it's too late. It's now or never.


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