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People Are Weird 😳

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Side note : Some parts of the following blog are in relation to the previous ones, or maybe just an anecdote or two related to the previous thing.


Yes, you read that right. PEOPLE ARE WEIRD. Now, instead of thinking just the read the rest of this blog and you will see why I said people are weird.

When somebody asks you a question like "What do you think about people ?" Then you depending on your mood would have the following things, "People are GOOD.", "People are stupid, idiots, and so on." ; what you fail to realize is that people as in a group of person are consisting of various INDIVIDUALS, so the person who for example, talked rudely with you or yelled at you for something you didn't do is actually not related to everybody as you don't even know a bit about what happened with him before he came to know about your existence, so judging the individual based on

that situation is unfair. That's why try to think of them as weird. Cause a person is (let's see) - complicated, emotional, etc. So just try to look at people(including your parents, friends, acquaintances) as weird. So as to conclude why a person was acting the way he was prior to meeting you depends on the situation. Also, in life you meet thousands of people and not every one of them is going to be nice to you.

Now, if you have read my last blog about rejections (honestly which was written spontaneously at the last moment) in that I told you that people reject your ideas and also don't appreciate what you want to express something you do ; sometimes that happens because of the mood of the person. Sometimes people judge too quickly without thinking, this is where you should take a step back and just say this your mind - 'People are WEIRD' why I am saying this because you know as a person not having accurate data about a person leads to form your own fictional perceptions. Let me elaborate this by giving another example which might help you change your perception of how to look at things from a third perspective or as I would like to call it - "The WEIRD perspective". Now if you are common man like me then you must have heard an elder saying things like - "These rich people have it all good." or "These people are just spending their parents hard-earned money." and that sort of stuff. Now the second sentence might be true but as we don't have any evidence to back information, we fail to realize that as a human who knows one side of the story it is not right for us to criticize anybody. I mean if you look at any middle class kid, is he a very smart kid with 200+ IQ? Maybe, maybe not or once in a blue moon. Coming back to the point we try to ridicule another person just to make ourselves feel good. We as a person don't know what actually happens in their lives. So what I would like to say is don't judge anybody based on their looks, status, wealth, etc. Now if you are thinking how is this related to people being weird then hold on let me explain it "CONCISELY".

If for example somebody acts in a certain way, well my friend, you don't have a say in as to why person behaved the way he did. So the next time if you get stuck in any situation, and the person reacts(in a way which isn't polite) then don't start arguing with them or cursing them behind their backs, just forgive that person and remind yourself that people are weird.

That's all I had to say for now. If you are still reading this then congratulations you read through all the stuff that I wrote. In the next blog I will be writing about how failures can mess us up.


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