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Being productive#12

How productive procrastination changed my life.

If you are bored from productive sessions or you need some break from your wholesome productive schedule also which is not gonna have an impact on the surge of your productivity, then you should probably try productive procrastination. So what does this mean? In simpler words procrastination productively or skilfully. It means developing your skills in your spare time.

  • Understanding the term So probably you need to focus on your different skills which will make you happier or more efficient. The term suggests that you should have some inherent and useful output in an enjoyable way where you are doing something different from the thing you need to focus on. Eg. If you are studying or taking notes of your school and you are exhausted or bored from the actual thing you would rather go for skill development video like how to cook delicious food or how to start programming or even going through certain skill-building courses which are available all around the internet. So here you are choosing something which you can develop your skills or learn something new and meaningful rather than binging some Netflix shows.

  • How does it affect you Productive procrastination is a smart way of building new habits or ways to learn something relevant which can be applicable in your practical life. Well, it helps you to get out of a rut or an afternoon slump. If you want to learn new skills start with productive procrastination like a side gig. Just like the way we have started this blog post. Well if you carry on with productive procrastination for greater intervals of time you might reach the amateur level or who knows you might become highly skilled in it. It's just the matter of making it a habit and substituting it with regular procrastination.

  • What you can choose for productive procrastination Well, there are a lot of courses or activities on the internet which you can give it a try. What resembled me was Duolingo. Duolingo is an app where you can learn different languages or you can improve your English proficiency. Well, I chose Duolingo for learning Spanish!! I started learning Spanish, just like trying out some new things. I never thought that I would take it as a new big thing in my life. I have been learning Spanish for now like 220 days 😅. Here's a screenshot of my 220-day streak. [as of March 2021]

I have never missed a single day without learning a lesson. Now I can speak basic Spanish. Never even thought that I would take upon some different language which will become a fun activity for me. So when you like the process you don't feel any stress or a kind of burden you actively choose to do from your regular productivity sessions. That's why I have been so consistent and I built it as a habit.

  • Other sources like Inshorts which is a news feed platform it actually summarizes news in like 60 words which save a lot of time and also I stay updated with the latest current affairs. Also, you can try Skillshare and learn any new skill which you want to develop with a subscription of less than 10$. Also, you can check out Brilliant which offers courses in math, science, and computer science. Literally, I am telling you to work on your practical skills it's worth it. You would not regret it in your future that you didn't give it a try. Or you can take upon a habit of reading books or listening to positive podcasts and audiobooks which will help in your growth. It will be really good and worthy for your career building and exploring more income sources.

  • Why you should take productive procrastination and avoid entertainment Productive procrastination is going to build your skills also in a playful way as you will be doing something else rather than doing the actual thing like studying for your exams. Exams are just for testing how good is your memorizing skills rather than focusing on your practical skills. So if you want to build a productive way of building your skills then you should try it out. I would not tell anyone to seek for binging web shows or scrolling randomly through Instagram because it will create an addiction to these attention-seeking instant gratification thingies. Also, it will create an attention residue that will worsen your focus levels. Also, it doesn't give you any kind of knowledge. I am not saying that you shouldn't have entertainment in your life but instead have some meaningful entertainment like watching a documentary or something like that. The best way to avoid any kind of meaningless thing ask yourself "If I would invest my time watching this stuff what will I gain at the end of it and is it worth my time?" or "what will I learn from it if I spend my time on it?" If the answer is 'nothing' then you should not fall for it is just a hoax. It struck me when I saw this motivating message on Duolingo 😆. But it's true.

  • "Always remember education is taken and knowledge is gained". Gain your education on your own because that will be more worthy than your degree.

  • TIP- Choose your medium of procrastination properly. Work on your skills every day it will form into a habit and your character will take a proper shape.


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