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Should you take cold showers?

I never used to get any ideas in the shower but this one is probably from the shower itself. I was thinking about some different content that I should write. So I came up with this one. I have been taking cold showers since 2021 started it was my new year's resolution. I was totally dependent on hot showers for 17 years of my life. But from January 2021 till now I have been accepting some discomfort by taking a cold shower every day on every morning even if it is raining and the water is icy cold. Why did I take this leap of faith to make myself shiver early in the morning? Well, this post just includes my own thoughts and some actual facts so it's totally your decision to choose between the two.

Let me explain first why did I choose this. Firstly my dad used to always nudge me in a hypothetical way about taking hot showers like a small kid. He told me that I should grow up now. Another reason is that you might not get a geyser everywhere you go. What if your water heater breaks down and you are in a hurry to go to your work you will have to face some discomfort then. I wanted to become habitual to it that's why I started it. I wanted some discomfort.

When you push yourself out of your comfort zone the more you learn and grow.

So, these were my reasons to start with my cold showers journey. There was never a good time to start other than taking up a new year resolution.

The first day was pretty cold. It was winter and it took me like 5-7 mins to the bath I just shook off really fast. I used the coward's method in which you firstly keep your head under the shower for some time and then the rest of your body.

  • Benefits of cold showers

Cold showers help in increased blood circulation. Also, it cures depression and reduces stress levels. One study showed that cold showers could make the body more resistant to certain types of cancer. It helps you to reduce body fat. Some people have also reported that their skin looks better as a result of cold showers, probably because of better blood circulation. It helps improve metabolism. Wim Hof better knows as the Iceman knows the importance of cold baths. His breathing techniques and ice therapy are so effective in decreasing stress and anxiety levels. He explored this power when he was going through depression after his wife's suicidal death. He took a dip in an icy cold lake to get rid of the pain he was going through and at that moment he sought some peace and unlocked the power of icy cold dips. He then regularly took a dip in that icy water so that he would find some relief from the pain and agony he was facing. That's it now he is helping several people with this technique to cure depression and lower the stress level. He claims that his method cures all types of mental diseases and also it helps you to cure many sorts of physical disorders. Here's a video about Wim's life.

I personally felt way more refreshed than before when I was taking warm showers. Warm showers are like your comfort zones when you are into it you really don't break the glass to go that extra mile. You feel sleepy when you are doing things that require intense focus. Also taking cold showers isn't good for your hair as it weakens the hair's roots. When I started taking cold showers I felt more refreshed and also I accepted some discomfort which made strengthen my willpower.

These are just my views you can choose your own thing. Btw cold showers feel good so you can continue with it if you want. It's absolutely your choice.

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