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Skills v/s Degree

Is a degree still relevant? This is a question, I have been asking myself for quite a while, now that I am preparing to go to college. A degree nowadays has lost its meaning because it has no value or weightage as it had earlier. There are different types of degrees some of which actually give you skills along with it. I am dying to know, why do people who do coding need a degree in "software engineering". Nowadays, companies no longer require you to have a degree. Check out below about how companies like Google hire without a degree.

What we need now is skills more than a degree. Learning how to use a camera, editing software, or even knowing how to use the computer or a laptop is a skill that can help us in generating employment. Looking at the current pandemic and the overall situation, in today's world skills, are more important than degree although they can be achieved by getting a degree or can be self-taught, and with remote work becoming more common people are leaving their old jobs and have started freelancing on various websites like Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

The idea that you "need" a degree to secure your future is becoming obsolete day by day. Even if you don't have a skill but make videos and upload them on social media platforms, they can also be a good way to earn money. A few years ago I used to think Youtubers weren't paid for their videos, that they uploaded these videos just because they wanted to. Little did I know that they were managing their expenses just from the money that came from ad revenue. Obviously, there are exceptions as not

everybody makes money from YouTube and it varies from person to person.

Let's just say you aren't skilled with a computer but if you even know things like cooking, playing a musical instrument, etc. You can still earn money and live comfortably. After all, it's not about earning money, what you need the most is comfort. Money is the byproduct.

So to summarize what a person need is self-reliance, not a degree that doesn't have value. You can be self-reliant with a skillset not a piece of paper. If you have made it to the end. I appreciate that you gave me time to read this blog.


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