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The 6-inch world.

Mobile phones and social media have become an important part of everyone's life, even if we want we can't stop using these things. Mobile phones were made to connect people and even social media apps were made for the same but are they doing the task. Today in the process of making online friends and connecting with people living far away we are forgotten to interact with our family and people close to us. We are not able to live a life outside the 6-inch screen, why? I accept internet, mobile phones, and social media are very beneficial for us these things have made our lives easier but at what cost?

I am not saying social media is bad or you should stop using it but the overuse is dangerous. Many people want to get out of mobile addiction but when they are not able to do it they just give up. Mobile addiction has now become similar to alcohol or drug addiction it has become very difficult to get out of it. Social media addiction is a bit tough to tackle because of its algorithm, the algorithm doesn't want you to leave the platform it wants you to stay so that the platform can earn. Just assume you want to stop drinking alcohol and a person who doesn't want this to happen brings alcohol in front of you every time you try to quit, will you ever be able to stop drinking? The same happens when you try to stop using social media. When you will decide to reduce the use of you-tube, the app will recommend you more engaging videos to keep you on the platform for a long time. The two most important things the tech companies need are your attention and your data because that is how they earn through ads.

  • Our Data

Many people still don't understand the importance of their data, they still think nothing can be done with a person's data. When I was in my teens I used to think about how these big tech companies like Facebook and google earn because most of their services are free. I wasn't knowing these apps collect our data and personalized ads are shown with its help. These big apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube collect data with the help of our attention and earn through ads with the help of our data. The more time you spend on these apps the more the app will understand you and store your data and the more they will earn. Our Data is not limited to our name or phone number or password it is more than that. These apps kind of map our brain they know our likes or dislikes with the help of our searches or the videos we watch. I won't go deep into it but social media addiction is very dangerous because as time will pass and you will start becoming more and more dependent on social media it will start manipulating your thoughts. Data is going to become very important shortly otherwise why countries like China don't allow outside apps in their country and why are they storing data taken from other countries. Still, I have seen a lot of people who don't care about these things they don't understand these things.

  • Ads I don't know how many have noticed but a lot of times we see ads for the products we want to buy. If you will search for a mobile phone on amazon or Flipkart your Instagram or Facebook account will start showing ads related to it. It happens because tech companies work with the help of data and personalized ads and maybe our data is exchanged to help them show more personalized advertisements. Still, I have seen a lot of people who don't care about these things, or maybe they don't understand these things. Many people in India buy cheap Chinese phones because they have many features at a low cost knowing the fact that they show a lot of ads and maybe store data. People don't understand that the low cost is because these companies earn through ads to cover up the cost. People are ready to compromise security for money because these things seem less important to them.

  • Solution

    1. Turn off notifications of less important social media apps or at least mute notifications.

    2. Delete unnecessary applications

    3. Beat the algorithm - I used Instagram a lot so I started to use it after long intervals like after 2 or 3 days gap to break the cycle. At the start it was difficult but then it became much easier because when you give big breaks to your mind things like social media seem less important to you afterward.

Social media and mobile phones are consuming a lot of our valuable time in the end which we can use to benefit ourselves. In the end, we are not getting anything from these platforms unless you are a creator on these platforms. Spending some time is fine but set a limit don't let the gadgets enslave you. If you will ask a social media creator a question, how social media benefits us? They will tell you if you are a creator it will give you money but if you are a viewer endlessly consuming content of no use, you will just help the platform and the creators earn. I just hate living in the world between that 6-inch screen because it disconnects us from the real world. The real world is far better just to meet new people in real instead of sending a friend request. Just increase your social interactions in the real world more instead of worrying about fewer followers on your account or fewer likes on your post. There are way more important things in life which you will only understand after getting out of this virtual world.

In the end, I would just say don't stop using social media just because I am telling you to do it rather ask yourself what is better for you. Just think and decide what is right or wrong for you.

I will suggest you watch this Netflix documentary 'The Social Dilemma' which is available on YouTube here. Just don't start watching recommended videos on YouTube after that.

I hope you enjoyed the blog. Thank you and have a great day.

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