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The first’s days…

Do you guys remember the very first day of your school? Were you full of anxiety, were you full of excitement or you just didn’t care just like the babies? Well, my first day at school was absolutely weird if I tell you what happened you would be grossed out by it.

So I always had this anxiety about what will happen on the first day. Will the teacher scold me, will I be a spotlight of laughter for my classmates or will the teacher ask me to introduce myself and I would stutter. And with all this anxiety I always had the fear of puking in front of the class. I don’t know on every first day of my school I used to be so freaked out by the new environment that I used to puke after my morning breakfast 🤦‍♂️. I know it is gross but that thing actually happened when I puked in front of the class in first grade. Sheer anxiety and something happening in my guts led me there 😬.

I always lived in anxiety, which I still do. Then I started thinking about what will happen if I do something wrong on my first day. Here’s a thing which I always used to think that people are here just to watch me i.e I have the spotlight effect where I think that people keep noticing me every single time. Well, it's not the case that people actually don’t even bother you cause they are much busy with their life. It’s difficult to settle in with this mindset but here’s a thing people will judge you no matter what you do so just ignore it. Do what you want to do.

Well, the first big presentation or the first big exam always freaks you out no matter how prepared you are. The sense of achieving something big or doing things that decide some major turns in your life is quite difficult, might take a while to figure things out. But, we can only give ourselves some hope that it's “going to be fine”. No matter how bad you mess up there’s a way out. First times are quite amazing because you have no idea what and how you are going to work things out and so you might make mistakes but if you don’t make mistakes how you’re you going to learn things. And always you have to start from somewhere at least.

Me and my friends at the quantity kitchen before the meal prep☺️

Last week I had my first day of 2nd yr of college, I was a bit hesitant about my day. After all, we were going to have a Quantity food kitchen practical where we had to make lunch for the whole college. But, when I went it was a great experience, the chef was so well versed. The kitchen environment was fantastic, it had a teamwork vibe. Well, it was quite difficult to prepare food for such a huge pax but it was fun working with the team.

There’s always a start, you need to start from somewhere else. Until you don’t start you never going to achieve anything. So no matter what condition it is no matter how young and at the initial stage you are just getting started. Your firsts are still your own experience so you need to accept them. Just get started because you are never going to be ready enough.

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Cheers ✌️


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