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The ideology behind tagging

We always behave in a way we or people tag ourselves. Tags become an important part of our character and behaviour. It also defines the way we look or achieve things. More often we always have the ideology of tagging ourselves like "I am not the type of person who reads books". The way we have a conversation with ourselves controls the whole game of life.

  • Tag is like a permanent badge Let's start with an example when we hand out some technological devices to senior citizens their first ideology is I don't know how to use this next-gen smartphone or laptop. They just tell themselves that they can't learn how to use a smartphone or learn something new. But on the other hand, if you hand over the smartphone to a 5 or 7-year kid he would eagerly take it and also learn quickly how to use it. As kids are interested in learning something new or simply they just don't say that they can't do it. That's how a tag works it's like a permanent name tag or the ability to make things work or fail.

  • Tagging yourself controls your mindset. Having proper words in your conversation makes yourself more clearer and specified. Like when you say that "I don't have time" it feels like you don't care instead you should say "I guess I won't be able to squeeze some time for it". These simpler words make you more defined and also when you use the right words it boosts a kind of confidence in your ideas. Detach yourself from the emotion. This is what Jay Shetty talks about in his book 'Think like a monk' eg. change the wordings from I am angry or I am sad to I am feeling angry or I am feeling sad that makes a huge difference. It doesn't let you depend on emotion. It also helps you to get out of that temporary feeling easily. Your words define your mindset. Once you control your mind it makes it a lot easier to control your thinking. A friend of mine tagged himself as a person who isn't creative and he still struggles to get new ideas for the blogs or even trying out new ideologies. This is how a tag works. You need to tag yourself properly, if you tag yourself that you are not a type of person before even giving it a try then even when you try the actual thing you would not accomplish it because you always have the tag in your mind that you cannot do it.

Accept things with the right kind of mindset because when your thinking is pessimistic your accomplishments are not going to be optimistic. As Gaur Gopal Das always says "Watch your thoughts they turn into words. Watch your words they turn into action. Watch your action they turn into habits. Watch your habits they turn into character. Watch your character they turn into destiny". After all, it just starts from a thought. Keep your thoughts positive by having the right conversation with yourself.

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