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The impulsive supermarket buying.

Last week I and my roommates were standing in the supermarket billing counter queues. Near the billing counter, there was a rack of flashy mint, gum, and chocolates. I saw that and picked one up just to look at the price. It was pretty expensive but the packaging was so attractive that I couldn’t resist it. My roommate said, “Isn’t that impulsive buying?”. To which I agreed and kept it again in the rack because it looked good there itself 😅.

Supermarkets are my go-to place that fixes my mood. Even if I don’t buy anything it gives me a refreshed feel by watching people buy new stuff and looking at the attractive packed items. But I buy something or the other when I visit the supermarket because the anxiety of going empty-handed through the billing counter just makes me buy some stuff. And everyone has this anxiety to buy something so that they have a thing to pay for.

Supermarkets never have a clock inside 🕐. The next time you go to a store and find a clock. The thing is supermarkets want the customers to spend more time inside so that they can keep buying things without bothering about the time. It’s an excellent technique where you make the consumer engrossed in the environment and just focus on the products. Also, the bigger your trolley the more you buy. Because an empty trolley doesn’t look good.

Greens are costly but junk can be found in all shapes, sizes, and prices. You won’t find many price and size varieties in vegetables but finding a pack of chips which suits every kind of person can be found easily. Also, junk food is much cheaper than greens. After all the world wants you to eat unhealthy 🤐.

Have you noticed the most popular brands of any product are always kept on the height of the customer’s eye level so that people will prefer them much more easily? Eg. A Lays packet will be on the 2nd or 3rd rack from the top meanwhile an Uncle chips packet might be placed at the bottom of the rack or even at the very top rack. Brands pay the supermarkets to place their product at eye level so that they make the most sales. Also, junk foods will have the most attractive packaging to attract people. The use of bright colours is the best way to attract the peeps. Also red colour makes you feel hungry that’s why most fast food brands have a red background with their symbol on it. Like McDonald's and KFC.

If you go to the stores without a shopping list you tend to buy more things than you actually need to buy. This is because you haven’t planned what you need so your mind just starts picking up the most attractive-looking thing. It is like wasting your time without planning the tasks. You have to plan the tasks first-hand to get things done. It's the same thing for the shopping list. I never plan my shopping list and that makes me the highest spender among my roommates 😬 🤦‍♂️

The reason I was much attracted to the flashy racks in the queue was that the supermarkets place the most unique and absolutely nostalgic products near the billing counters so that customers can relate to the product or they might feel to give it a try just for the sake of exploration. This is a very powerful technique to make people buy the most unique and expensive thingy because they know people are going to stand in the queue for a certain period and till then there should be something to attract their attention other than their mobile screens.

The next time you go to a supermarket notice these things and you might find it interesting how sales can be improved through psychological techniques. Even if supermarkets make me buy things which I don’t like I still find it soothing. Coz a supermarket trip can fix my mood. Hope you find this post worth your time. If you enjoyed this post then please leave a like on it and subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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