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The value of a single penny🪙.

Earning your money is a great achievement because achieving financial Independence is the most important thing in your 20s. You need to hustle as society says. I don’t know what type of hustle people do to achieve financial independence. Well, last two weeks I worked in a 5star hotel to earn a day’s penny. I wanted to experience the thrill of earning money by doing an actual job and not some kind of side hustle.

So we went to one of the most prestigious Hotel brands in Goa, India. It was an 8hr shift. 8hrs of a physically hectic job. I always wanted to know how it feels to earn money from a physical job rather than earning money from short-term investments. So, the shift started at 6 pm. It was a hectic day coz there was a marriage function going on. So looking after the event and helping the guest to meet their needs was important. It was an absolute rush as the buffet started. We were genuinely stuck between the F&B tasks and the guest’s wants. The downside of the hospitality industry is, that it is an absolute hectic job with all the physical stress. You will have to work long shifts, stay away from your family, and couldn’t be present during festive seasons coz that’s when Hotels and Restaurants earn the most. But, you can enjoy the party life, meet famous people and also you can have multiple connections. Your social skills spike up instantly.

The shift ended at 3 am at midnight and we all were damn sleepy because it was genuinely hectic to manage all the guest requirements and then serve them accordingly. But, it was a different experience as we managed to get through the day. At the end of the day, I had this thing in my mind what did we experience throughout the shift. I am always negative about this industry due to the long working hours and also due to the less salary they offer. But, I had to get through some positives. So I had these things:

  • Made people smile when they got their desired food item.

  • Just because of my little help the marriage function went well.

  • Also, guys like me worked hard to get the things aligned due to which the hard work of all the departments didn’t go in vain.

  • And the last thing we got paid for was the job we did.

The effort that it takes to earn money and the way our parents handle finances in whatever salary they get is so exalt. I respect the efforts people put in to earn money. The hard owned money is real :) All in all, things were more hectic the other day as I didn’t have a proper sleep coz we had to attend college the next day. But, these kinda experience brings out different memories that we take along ahead in life. If you enjoyed this post then make sure you leave a like on it and also subscribe to our mailing list below. Cheers ✌️


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