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Things to do before an interview.👨‍💼

I’ve been through several interviews for 2yrs, there are certain things that I noticed that might be helpful to someone starting with their career journeys and don’t know where to start their preparation from, then here are 8 important things that I learned through my interview process 💪

  • Know your Resumé 📑: Your resumé is the first impression for the recruiters before physically meeting you, and whatever you add sets the tone of your character. So choose your words wisely. Here’s another important thing to know from your resumé i.e. your extracurricular activities because recruiters want to know what you do in your free time, what your hobbies are, that shows whether you’re creative or the abilities you possess.

  • Where do you work?🔍: Whenever you plan an itinerary for a trip you try to find everything about the spots you are gonna cover, likewise whenever you apply for a company know something or the other about the organization, the work culture. Special things like unique achievements, awards, and most importantly how it has grown throughout the years. These things matter more, add to the plus point, and also impress the recruiters.

  • Spark the intro 💯: The most common question, once you enter the interview phase, is going to be “Tell me about yourself”. The recruiters want to know more about you, that you haven’t mentioned in your resumé. They want to know whether you can say good things about yourself that too without thinking too much about your memory. I have some advice, please memorize your intro sequence. It's absolutely to not memorize every word you write in your intro but to know in which order things flow. E.g. Your name, residential place, family background, education, and so on. When you know the sequence it becomes much easier to talk about yourself.

  • Why this? why you? 🤔: Most of the time recruiters want to know why you have chosen this job position instead of other available options, or why you chose this educational degree. Once you clear these questions the next why, you have to tackle is hiring you. What makes you different from the other 10 candidates that we should choose you? Be ready to face such questions. Draft answers for such questions because the employer wants to know your confidence in your decisions and the qualities you possess.

  • Build it 🏗️: After knowing your soft skills people might want to know can you solve problems? Herein, the technical knowledge kicks in which not only helps them to know that you have learned certain things, but for this you have to know key terms and important factors from your field. Also, a little bit of current affairs would impress them as well.

  • Spotless 💅: Your grooming, the way you dress up and your body language matter a lot, and more than that the way you present yourself is adequately important as well. If you’re a sales personnel and if you don’t groom yourself well, people won’t approach you to know about the product. Set a standard for yourself to be spotless in your attire. This not only showcases your physical attributes but also your discipline and integrity towards your work. Dress such that people will look up to you for the perfect grooming.

Interview, prep 😂

  • Project yourself 📈: Now many times recruiters ask a question that is very common “Where do you see yourself in the next 5yrs” Well, genuinely I haven’t figured out the answer to this question, though I answer it every time but who knows which recruiter expects which type of answers. What I answer is completely personal to me, it's about where I want to land in the next 5yrs not where I will make the company land in the next 5yrs if they hire me. Mostly focus on what you would learn throughout the 5 years of working, and stress on what kind of responsibilities you would be dealing with after 5yrs.

  • You don’t know it? 💢: This is a straightforward procedure. If you don’t do anything just say I’m not aware of this and move on. Spending unnecessary time on things that you have no idea about can lead to more confusion about what to say. Also, the recruiter will know that you are weak at this and keep digging into critical things from that technical part. So instead move on from that by dodging the question and take a new turn.

These were certain things that I preferred to be important enough to look upon before an interview. I’m not an expert on cracking the interviews its just these things which I found noteworthy. Hope you found this post useful, if you did then please leave a like on it and also subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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