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Wasting Time

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We, as a person living in 21st century, are surrounded by various gadgets and technology. Due to this technology our lives have become advanced. But as they say "There are two sides to the same coin". It has made us lethargic and sluggish. There are various studies to back it up.

Now, I am not the one to say that technology is bad or good, because that is a long debated topic. Technology is a medium and how we use it affects us and our emotions. If I want, I can babble on and on about the positive and negative effects of technology. But that's not what I want to convey through my blog. Take for example, your mobile phones, they are easy to carry, can do multiple tasks at once and so on. What we don't realize is that how much time do we waste on our phones. According to a Survey conducted by smartphone brand Vivo and Cybermarket Research, an average Indian spends around ⅓ of their working hours on smartphone which amounts to roughly 6-7 hours and annually 1800 hours. So back to the question why do we waste time ? Because the people who make these social media sites know that we, humans get enticed when we see appealing pictures or posts like some random wannabe billionaire posts a photo of him pretending to enjoy his wealth, and us the one who are stupid enough to like their photo. Not hating on anybody but we waste time so much that we don't do productive things which will actually help us in the long run. Phones can be used for productive tasks or at least to boost your productivity. Our phones if you see aren't made for entertainment, they were made for various purposes like calling, texting, browse the web, etc.

What we do is try to waste our time as much as possible on these social media apps. I, also, was addicted to Instagram a few years back but now I don't like to hear anything about Instagram and how 'WONDERFUL' it is. Nobody realizes that these people who make these social media sites are nothing but businessmen who try to stuff their pockets with money regardless of what happens to the people. As people say, businessmen always follow the money. Yup, they were right. We need to realize wasting time in things which are not necessary is actually eating up the time in which you could have done something different like cooking, cleaning the house, studying for your exams. My parents always tell me, "Manage your time efficiently, as it will help when you get a job.", I agree with what they say, we, as teenagers, think that, we are smarter than everybody, our parents don't know shit, etc., but when we realize the importance of time management, it is too late.

See, I am not trying to lecture anybody but just think about how much time you waste and reflect on it. Try to improve yourself one day at a time. You can't change in one day, but at least if you minor changes in your lifestyle after maybe 5 years you will realize that you have improved, trust me you will thank yourself. That's all I had to say, thank you for reading this blog.

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