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What is it like living with unknown people.

At the beginning of the year 2022, I left for my college and I was living with my new flat-mates. It was a completely different experience. This post includes things that I learned by living with people who might not be your type. This post is almost like a reflection kinda thing. It might be useful if you can relate to it.

  • Think middle ground. When you are going to live with people where nobody knows each other that well you are always going to find the person’s behaviour surprising once you become familiar with their everyday routine. When you don’t like the thing that your roommate is doing it might feel striking to you. But you should know that everyone has different habits and responses to a particular situation. If there’s some kind of conflict where you don’t agree with others then the only thing you can do is to find a middle ground in the situation. If they are kind of stubborn be humble and just do the honours of being a calm-minded person. Everything can be resolved if you keep your words lowkey. Even if someone is the wrong try to explain them in a cool jolly way so that they won’t get offended. You cannot control others' behaviour nor their decisions if they are still unwilling to accept something then leave it don’t waste your energy behind things that aren’t under your control.

  • Everyone is different.

I have 4 roommates and everyone possesses some unique quality. With unique qualities comes weird and different habits. Everyone has their way to tackle a situation. Some might try some kind of toxic element to get rid of the anxiety and sad feelings. But hey, it's not that they are bad people they are just using the wrong method to get rid of that situation. Don’t put anyone in a box or limit their personalities regarding whatever qualities they possess. People are interesting enough to engage with, you only need to find the right time to interact. Everyone has different ideologies, different cultures, different ways to look at a situation. Interestingly, you get so many perspectives at a single time.

  • Their Influence is your behaviour. You become just like the person you spend the most time with. I was spending almost every waking hour with them. There was an absolute possibility that I was going to pick their habits and they are going to pick mine. Well, I tried to pick some good ones from them as well as some bad ones. It’s not possible that you live with someone and don’t pick their habits. After that, you even pick their views. But, in all these happenings also listen to yourself.

  • Value solitude When I used to live alone I used to feel that being around people would keep me engaged. Well, I was wrong when you are surrounded by people you barely listen to your thoughts. It brings some kind of a scenario in my head where a small child is lost in an amusement park looking out for his parents. Just like that, I was in search of solitude and creative thoughts when I was surrounded by people’s viewpoints everywhere. I barely got any space to think about creative ideas which I can evaluate. Try to find that solitude time to be with yourself and your thoughts. Keep a track of your thoughts so that you know what is going on in your head. Meditation is one of the best ways to find solitude inside your head.

So that’s it. These are the things that I learned new this year. Valuing people is one of the most important aspects I learned in the first month of the year.

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Cheers ✌️.


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