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What owns you?

We are attached to the things which we have or the things we own. But what if these things weren't there with you any longer. What if the things we have today are taken away from you tomorrow? Will you be still happy with what you have when the most precious things are taken away from you? So if our happiness is dependent on the things we own then we don't own the material things the things own us. In this blog, we are going to discuss how we can detach from material things so that we don't depend on them for our own happiness.

  • Practice detachment

"Detachment doesn't mean that you don't own anything but nothing owns you" Detachment means not depending on anything for your own happiness. Not to be sick with earthly desires. Now you would ask me why you have to be self-independent and not have any desire for material things. Rightly said why would you not have a desire for the things like flashy cars and expensive shoes. The reason is you won't love yourself without these things. When you are stripped off from all the material things which you like you might feel unworthy that you have nothing to define yourself. If you are known for the material things which you own then nobody actually knows about your qualities and behaviours. Material things don't have any value until the person having them has some. That's why you should have this philosophy of valuing your inner self and not the person having all the material things. That's why you should be detached from the things you own.

  • Detachment from people

When one takes birth on this planet it's for sure that he/she is going to die someday. Human beings are mortal. We are here for some reason and when it's done we are gone. So don't think that we are going to live forever and based on this concept I would say that you should neither be dependent on a person for your own self. What if the person you are dependent on is no more tomorrow. Detaching from the people means spending quality time with the people you love. So once they are gone you won't regret that you didn't gave any attention to them. As always self-help is the best help. It's fine if you seek help from your friends and family every time but they won't be always there with you. There would be a time where you will have to deal with your own problems without any help. The stoic philosophy says that "We should always be ready for the worst. We should have such a strong will so that we can face anything in life. The worst thing that can happen is not something going wrong, but something going wrong and catching you by surprise." When things get worse the most abrupt thing which can happen is that you might feel disappointed so for that keep your will strong. Will is the thing that keeps us prepared for the most difficult times.

The greatest detachment is being close to everything and not letting it consume and own you.

The takeaway from this blog is that you shouldn't be attached to the world around you and instead find the happiness inside you. So the next time you feel prominent about your achievements ask yourself: What owns you?

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