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What REJECTIONS do to us ?

🔔On a side note: I am not giving you any tips on how to deal with rejections. I am just writing my honest opinion on this 'wonderful' topic. So don't expect any tips from this blog. Also the upcoming blogs will be in relation to the previous blogs.


This blog is related to my previous blog about seeking validation(if you are wondering how then by reading the rest of this blog you might understand what exactly it is I am blabbering about). So, yes I am writing about rejections (not just in a relationship but through out our life).

What does the word rejection mean? It means dismissing or refusing of a proposal or an idea (btw this is what google says). To simplify it for everybody, think of the time when you liked somebody and when you proposed to him/her he/she said no. The example given before is an example in this case the girl dismissed the idea of you and her together as a couple i.e. she rejected your proposal. Now what this rejection does to many people is that it breaks their heart(I mean seriously?). This happens because you considered the " love of your life " or " put that person on a pedestal "(metaphorically). The thing is that in our country there are more men and less women, so boys start competing about who will get a girlfriend first and thus try to impress girls but ultimately fail. FINALLY coming back to the point rejections mess us up. We get dumbfounded at the fact that

somebody rejected us and as always our ego can't handle it. So we try to do something else which might distract from the fact of getting rejected.

Rejections for me are a part of my life because there are periods when not everybody agrees with you and that's okay cause not everybody has to agree or accept what you think cause you are an individual. I sometimes don't know why people take every bad thing positively. There are people who try to get motivated by all the rejections. Isn't that a kind of forced positivity wherein you are forcing yourself to be hopeful, which by the way won't last in the long run cause what you want to do should come from your gut.

Now, I think I should wrap this by saying that rejections aren't something by which you should get flustered. They are common and have happened to many people. So next time you get rejected don't be depressed or sad. Just forget it and carry on with your work.


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