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What Sports taught me?

Fitness is something which we all are aware of, we all want six-pack abs or a perfect fit body maybe to impress someone or maybe just to be healthy. We try sports for that or some people work out in a gym. The last few years have increased the importance of fitness to a great extent as almost everyone was gaining weight or becoming unfit just sitting at home.

Back in my school, I was an unfit kid and I never exercised or played sports because we rarely had sports lectures in our school. By how much I can recollect we used to have 2 physical education lectures in a week which just used to be 30 minutes long, From that 30 minutes 10 minutes used to go in searching where the PT teacher is because they never used to be in the ground. In that 20 minutes, our best sports teachers😂 used to teach us march past that’s it. Sports was never given much importance in our school no one was encouraged to learn sports. Those who were good at sports weren’t good enough in their studies and those who were studious kids never played sports.

Almost 6 months ago I joined an Athletics club because I was gaining a lot of weight in the lockdown and I wanted to become fit. I first felt it would be easy because I just had to run and do some exercise but I was wrong it was very tough for me for a person who did nothing related to sports or never exercised in his whole life. I think the toughest thing was waking up early in the morning. Like I used to wake up at around 5.15 am so that I can reach the stadium by 6 am and then run and exercise till 8. Every morning I used to think about giving up, leaving the club because seriously it seemed like torture to me even more because I never had any experience before. The first 1 month was very bad as even my body used to pain a lot because my body was also not used to so much exercise and running. Then things got better as I started becoming used to my daily routine and I also started enjoying it.

I made new friends there and then started enjoying the process. I wasn’t able to meet my school and college friends in person because of the online college and that’s why somewhere going to the stadium and making new friends helped a lot. What I learned from sports was to never give up and improve yourself constantly in the sport. In the starting when I joined I was a very slow runner and I wasn’t able to run even one round of the ground. I used to feel the pressure that I should improve because I was the worst in running in my whole club. I didn’t want to pursue a career in sports but that thing somewhere made me rethink whether I should leave athletics or continue it. I continued the training thinking about the first month and the pain I had another reason was that somewhere in the process I have made some good habits like waking up early in the morning which I wanted to continue. I improved slowly pushed myself and now I can run long distances easily. I am still not the best but I can say I have become way better than I was previously. Now I can run 5 km continuously easily, Running seems very boring especially long-distance running because you have to run continuously push yourself to do more better but when you complete the distance when you do something which seemed impossible that feeling is amazing.

The main reason to join athletics was to lose weight and I am happy that I have achieved the goal. I think I had some best experiences there like meeting new people who were a bit different from my usual friends, learning new things, waking up early, and watching the sunrise every day. I am happy that I came out of my comfort zone and tried something new and different. Let’s see how it goes maybe you will watch me competing in the Olympics or breaking a track and field record😂😂, just kidding. That’s it guys, Thank you for reading it till the end. Have an amazing day.❤❤

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