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Why politics is still an efficient medium?

My friends kept complaining about the amount of politics happening in the college clubs, which made me think about why politics play an important role. and why it is still a big affecting thing for the nation as well as for the economy. We always get frustrated with things like the way the Government works or corruption in the system. But do we really think about the positive part other than just cussing the government? I’m not saying that these stuff are right or we should support these things, but let’s give it a thought once.

In this post, we need to keep the stereotypical thinking away and think outside of the culture and social norms. In India, elections are held every 5 years. India being the largest democracy in the world elections are held on a large scale and it's one of the biggest events in the country as well as for other leaders around the globe. The relations with a country are also affected by a nation’s leader. So it's important for other countries as well to be immensely involved with the event. Let's consider that the winning party got 48% votes the opposition and other parties secured around 42% votes and 10% of the public voted for None Of The Above [NOTA] there’s still 52% of the public don’t want the winning party to rule. But yes after the elections the winning party needs to present the winning seats and it needs to be validated by the Election Committee and the Supreme Court. But still, 52% of the people don't want the ruling party.

Here's where the power comes in the picture. The winning party needs to be much more dominant. They need to organize rallies and speeches for the general people just to show who’s the boss now!! A general question, If there’s a candidate from your culture, ethnicity, and religion who does a biased job👨‍💻 by just working for a specific set of people will you vote for the candidate? I think most people will vote for him/her. Here’s a thing we always think, people from our community make you feel safer about the social presence You elect them because you think if we elect them they are going to work for our welfare. And, we should expect that as you voted for them.

If you are one of the most genuine workers🛠️, perform your work too diligently but still you don’t get that much amount of recognition and credit from your peers and your boss what’s the point of working that hard😭? That’s how politics in the workplace originates. After that Unions are formed, and workers join these unions. So if you ask me why do people join the union, I would say if there’s some kind of injustice or a state of imbalance and less transparency in the system that’s when a union plays a major role. There needs to be a worker's voice that can revolt against the instability. But, once the union becomes powerful there are chances of them overtaking the organization in an irrational way. Here it's important that there’s control over the union to maintain the balance of workers' and organizations' opinions.

Shri Ratan Tata on the left and Mr. Cyrus Mistry on the right.

Cyrus Mistry an Indian-born Irish businessman was one of the board members and chairman of Tata Group. His family’s real estate business was the main source business which is Shapoorji Pallonji real estate firm. They have been close since the company’s initial stage. He was appointed the successor of Shri Ratan Tata in case of his demise. As his family had an 18% stake in the Tata group they were a major stakeholder in the company. Meanwhile, Ratan Tata just had 0.83% of the total stake. During the Tata Docomo business deal, there was an agreement made that if the merger didn’t work out they would have to buy the stakes at half-price or need to find another buyer. As the merger didn’t work out Docomo took the matter to the Supreme Court as Cyrus refused to pay the amount Ratan Tata accused him of not handling the situation properly as his main concern was safeguarding the goodwill of the organization as it was the most ethical company in India. This created tensions between the two and in 2016 Cyrus Mistry was released from his position on the board of directors of Tata Group Also he was dethroned from the successor's position. Though Cyrus Mistry died in a tragic car accident in 2022.

Politics is one of the most important components that drives the social environment of the country. Being a part of it is, eminent but being submerged totally into it can make someone feel haughty about their powers. Staying balanced is the key as with great power comes great responsibility.

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