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Why you should wake up early?

Many successful people tell us to start our day early, but is it easy to wake up early to break a routine we are following from many years? Is it easy to modify our sleep cycle? of course it's not that easy

Many people used to say we should rise early before sunrise it makes our whole day go well it's true just think if you rise early when the whole world is sleeping you are getting more time and the day starting with positivity. Many people will say working late night is as same as waking up early but no it's not same. When we start our day early and do some work our productivity increases we are able to concentrate as there will be no noise no disturbance because everyone else are sleeping.

Even I myself was one of the people who used to study late night and it does not help much. You will feel that you have studied a lot, but in reality you will not be able to retain it in your mind as your body and mind needs rest but you are not giving it.

Now there will be another kind of people who want to wake up early but are not able to or can't wake up early on a daily basis, I am also one of those. Let's take an example to understand how our mind works. So just think you have a trip tomorrow you are going on a outing with your friends and you have to leave by 5am. how will you feel? You will be super excited, right? Even though everyday you wake up late on that day you will go to sleep early and rise before time even before your alarm rings. Take any example when the next day any festival is there or your birthday is there or something else. Many a times it happens that in holidays we wakeup early because we know we are going to do something different something interesting rather than studies the coming day and we don't want to waste any time sleeping. When we are on a trip or in our village for holidays we know that the coming day is going to be interesting and that's why without any problem we are able to wakeup early.

So my only suggestion will be make your everyday interesting don't make your day meaningless filled with social media, television and mobile phone rather go out and walk for 15 mins read some books. If you are not interested in self help books start with fictional books it is much better than watching a movie on the same.

In the next blog I will share what I learnt from the book 5am club.

Thank you.


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