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Your learning process needs a change👨‍🏫

The perfect success plan does exist or does not but, nobody knows what the plan is. Everyone has their own set of rules and perspectives on how to achieve your desired plan, but does it work for everyone? I’m so frustrated with the stereotypical thinking of how people outline one way of thinking and make others believe to follow the same path. Mostly in educational institutes, they force you to choose an outlined plan that has been followed for decades. The way colleges handle their academic excellence through students. I understand that they want the students to perform well and get better but sometimes they cut loose the student’s perspectives or creative thinking. How does it affect the students?

I like teachers who go beyond their perspective and teach through the means of new ideologies and create a foundation for creative and out-of-the-box thinking. I feel currently it's important to do something “not same”. Being different is what people look for nowadays. I remember in school days there was a debate topic about “Does school kill creativity”. The way the Education system is designed is obnoxious, vague, unapplicable in the practical world. I agree that the education system is changing now, and I respect the government for doing that neither do I want to dig into politics? I feel common life problems and practical solutions need to be taught in school with a gist of current trends.

School and college teach you how to get a job and thrive for money, but what do you do with all that money, barely people know and allocate what they earn. How do you file income tax and what are health insurance and term life insurance? People take things lightly which in order makes them regret their monetary decisions in the future. “There can only be one right answer”. Well not most of the time but sometimes. There are several ways to fail and then recover and then decide what you shouldn’t do. Schools should allow students to make mistakes as well, that’s how you learn. Remember the time when your mom or dad taught you to ride a bicycle, you fall several times but when you fall that’s when you understand what you should avoid doing.

My internship days, through the night shift 😵‍💫

I’ve seen parents being too overprotective over their children, according to them they are doing the right thing, parenting is different in perspectives, not everyone is right. Students now have several opportunities to pursue their careers, proper understanding of the career opportunities and their whereabouts is necessary. That will help us know what are we getting ourselves into. During my 2nd year of college, we had to think about a debate topic and I had one topic for the discussion. “Should internships be made mandatory after the 10th board exams?” Ya, I know you might be thinking students are not 18 and how can you make them work? But this internship program will be like a part-time thing, like working for 3-4 hours a day. The internship duration should be during the summer holidays and post-board exams. There shouldn’t be any mental or physical pressure on the students during the period of training by the organization. This will help the students to understand their skills and what they are interested in. Also, this will flash some ideas about the work culture and future adulting happenings and monetary perspective.

Learning is a stage that should never end throughout your life. Gaining something new will build up the character value overall. New ideologies should be considered and adapted proactively. Hope you find this blog useful, if you did please leave a like on it and you can subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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