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Asking the right questions

Some months before I saw Elon Musk's interview where he says about the meaning of life and why we all are living on this planet. So he said that "trying to understand the right questions to ask is the most important thing and the more we can increases the scope and scale of human consciousness the better questions we can ask". I did not understand the answer because that was something like a bolt from a blue for me and I neither had any idea about what he is speaking about. But a few days back I actually figured out the meaning and what he was trying to convey. [here's the video]

It goes like this. Our life should not be for solving every problem in the world. If we are doing it then what's the matter of this life which is temporary because no one owns this place forever. By asking what really matters the most to us it makes our life more happy more efficient in whatever we are trying to achieve. So imagine if you are wasting your life doing something which isn't worth anything or it is not even adding some value to your life then what's the matter in doing it. Then ask yourself what value it adds to your life or what is the thing I like about doing this work then itself you will get some legit answers which you might feel are right. For Elon asking the right questions might be "what is the reason we are going to mars?" or "How we can achieve more sustainable energy generation?" This might be the right question for him you need to ask yourself what are the right question for you. If you don't pause at a certain point and analyse the situation or ask certain questions on why and what you are doing it might add some kind of meaning to what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve.

  • Living intentionally

Life is so small, you can't do all the things in the world. But asking yourself the intentional questions can save your time. It can help you to make better decisions. Questioning enables us to organize our thinking about the things we don't know. Choosing what is right at the moment is really important and that could be only achieved by questioning yourself. Situations come and go but the decision you make decides your destiny. For deciding destiny you need to ask yourself questions like "Why I am choosing this path?" Just adding some sort of reason to what you ask makes you take better decisions. Always try to figure out the "why" behind the "want". If you want to explore intention in your productivity then read this blog.

  • Creating a sense of liveliness When you experience certain conditions or some beautiful moments in your life do you take a pause and just live that moment by asking yourself "what was special about that moment I had right now?" Living your life doesn't mean you just have to face some situations and get yourself out of the bad ones but planning something and then living through the experience feels like something out of the world. Your life shouldn't be like solving problems one after another but living through the moment you are going through and just making yourself feel it creates a true sense of liveliness. Because sometimes going through life we forget to experience the moment. Sometimes it's good to just wait and watch your thoughts and your actions.

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