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Configuring the most important task.

There are certain times where you have many tasks on your to-do list and you start with your first task. Once you are halfway through the task you realize you are working on the wrong task. I think I should work on this one rather than wasting time with task 1. So you switch to the second task but you still doubt yourself that whether you are on the right task. Decently you have lost the clear way of thinking and you are just trying to figure out the most important task by hovering on your to-do list. Today I have got a great method to organize your tasks when you have a ton of them.

  • The Eisenhower's Matrix.

Eisenhower's matrix just makes your organization of the tasks much simpler. It's divided into four parts If you see the diagram above you will see the 4 d's which is "Do, Decide, Delegate, Delete." From which the do and the decide part lies in the "important sector" and the delegate and delete part lies in the "not important sector". While the delegate part lies in the "urgent sector" and the decide and delete part lies in the "not urgent sector". Do- Tasks which are very urgent and you cannot postpone them. Do the task asap so that you can move on to the next task. Delegate- Tasks which are urgent but they aren't that important and so you can get it done by someone else. Decide- Tasks that are important but don't have to be urgent and so you can schedule them for later. Delete- Things which are neither important nor urgent and so it's better to get rid of these tasks. So basically these are the ways you can arrange your tasks. I have an example here of the way I have arranged my task.

So basically these are the ways you can arrange your tasks. I have an example here of the way I have arranged my task.

You can even color-coding to represent the importance of the task. Just the way I have done for the urgent and important ones. The first quadrant includes the task which I cannot put away and I have to do them. The ones in the second quadrant are the task which isn't urgent and so I can schedule them. The 3rd quadrant ones include the task which I can handle over to someone else so that I don't have to spend my time over those menial tasks. The 4th quadrant includes tasks that you can delete for the time being. [Playing chess is one of them 🥲].

This way it becomes much easier for you to visualize the important and the unimportant tasks right away.

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