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Falling of your habits.

There are times when you cannot follow your daily rituals, goals, or anything which you do daily. Things can be crucial sometimes and that’s why we need to let go of the feeling of disappointment. There are two kinds of reasons why we don’t follow our habit schedule.

  1. Either the habits we want to put up with are very difficult to execute.

  2. You’re bored of the repetition process.

Difficult habits need to be broken down into small chunks. If reading 12 books a year is your long-term goal then reading 10pgs a day should be your short-term goal which is much easier to execute and you can get along with them easily. Another very interesting thing you can do to turn an action into a habit is by doing the same task at the same time and place. If writing your daily reflections is a task you want to turn into a habit then you should write them at 10 pm at your desk. That just creates an environment and a time slot for your habit. That just makes it much easier to follow your routine and get along with your daily tasks.

Once you start performing the task daily it becomes boring when you keep doing it every day. And one more thing habits don’t take 21 days to form. Habit formation happens when you repeat the same process again and again. The more you repeat the better you become at it. But once you keep repeating the process every time it becomes monotonous at some point and then you start feeling bored from the same daily process. When this thing happens you feel like quitting your daily habit. It feels like a burden to complete your daily task. It always happens to me when I try to work out in the morning, the same old workout routine. When this thing happens to me I try to challenge myself with more reps. Like if I did 10 push-ups in a set then I try to increase the number sometimes. Or trying different workouts like skipping or going on a walk or going for a hefty badminton shesh :)

Turning action into a habit takes a long time when the reward is often delayed. You don’t see yourself changing unless you hit the gym for at least 2 months or so. Sticking up with the habits is the only possible thing you can do.

Actions that have instant reward doesn’t require more time to turn into a habit. I picked up a habit of eating pastries every time I return from my college. It took me two days to make it a habit coz the reward was instant. I always struggle with sugar cravings 😕. So the way I am trying to fix it is by changing my road to return home. That makes it much better to avoid the pastries.

It takes to years to construct a building but hours to destroy it. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a good habit. But once you start skipping it for a day or two you won’t keep it with the streak.

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