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How procrastination ruined my life and how I am trying to overcome it.

Like, many people I procrastinate a lot. My phone's screen time is the record of that wasted hours, in fact, days where most of my time was spent on browsing tablets on Amazon which I may not buy today, or scrolling through YouTube shorts. I didn't realize it at the time but, one day when I was talking to my friend about further studies. I didn't think about putting the effort to study for an exam or just revising everything I had learned this academic year.

There was a point where procrastination became an inseparable part of my life (I mean it still is but I am acknowledging it). I couldn't sleep if I didn't waste time on something unproductive rather productive procrastination or more importantly completing the tasks which were a priority for me as a student. I was browsing through YouTube, one day I saw a video which was about how to improve habits by James Clear. I saw that video and got some tips on how I can try and minimize the time spent on procrastinating by keeping myself busy with other tasks like searching for new ideas for a blog, learning a skill that will help me in the near future. There are a lot of things I have been trying to change but, I fail and start again which is nothing new cause everybody fails and learns from mistakes. One thing that I realized that taking notes is very effective and more specifically taking notes on a book, helped me remember the things I had seen in many productivity videos or books which I had read like Cal Newport's Deep Work or James Clear's Atomic Habit. I am slowly trying to take notes of things that are beneficial for me. I am not a productivity nerd but I would like to be quickly and efficiently do my work.

There are a few tricks that work for me, they help me in focusing on my work. These tricks are from YouTube videos and books.

  1. Hiding your phone: This one is pretty simple, all you have to do is keep your phone in a place where is not visible to you. These can drastically help your focus as you can finish tasks without any obstruction.

  2. Designating things: By designating things, e.g. whenever you sit on a chair read a book or when you sit on your desk try solving a math problem, that way it will become a habit like whenever sit at a certain place or are in a certain room you will have the habit of doing the same tasks.

  3. Pomodoro method: In this method, you study for 50 minutes and then take a 10-minute break or study for 100 minutes and take a 20-minute break this is a technique in which you fully concentrate and study for the next 50 mins, this is similar to what Cal Newport explains in his book 'Deep work'.

  4. Deleting social media apps: This is actually which was helpful for me as I did not waste time on liking random memes and videos, and reduced my screen time.

Finally, I would like to end this blog as these are the few tips that help me in focusing on my work. If you have made it to the end that means you are reading this line and I hope you enjoyed reading this slightly insightful blog. Thank you for reading.

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