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How reading books changed my life

Reading books can change your life. Ya, that's a cliché which you would have heard many times but it's true so you can't ignore it. I was not that into reading books before when I was a kid but once when I started reading some quality books I enjoyed it once I got into the flow. Now reading has become a part of my daily schedule. Really it has been a journey through it but this journey will not make you feel bored instead if you are reading the right kind of book you are going to enjoy it. This is a blog for those who think reading books isn't for them.

  • Exploring books

When I was in school I was not that interested in reading books. My concept was if a book contained images then it is interesting 😅. So I used to read only comics. Then I started with fiction 'The secret seven' and 'famous five' were my favourite's. Also, they were the masterpiece by Enid Blyton. Then I started reading some autobiographies of famous people. Then I really got interested in books. I didn't explore non-fiction self-help type of books until my college. When I got into that kind of book I figured out that, books aren't a series of random pictures which makes it interesting but it is the author's ideas and explanation that makes it attractive. Now I also listen to audiobooks. Thanks to my parents who bought me the books. I started reading books to get rid of loneliness and that's how reading books became my hobby. I started enjoying the process of gaining knowledge from books and applying it to my life.

  • Becoming knowledgeable Some people don't see the benefit in reading books because they think that reading a book is boring or even some think that it gives me nothing other than taking some time away from my social media time or "who wants to read a book when we have to tackle the exams". The worst reason I have heard is that they don't have time to read books. If you are struggling with time management read this blogpost. It is true that you don't see anything building after reading books until you apply it in your life [if it's a non-fictional and self-help book]. You have to first understand the terms in the book and then you should apply them in your life to remember the teachings from the book. Books first make changes internally in you and then externally. That's why people might feel it's not worth reading a book. You have to keep reading and exploring the ideas which the author lays before you. Reading books not only made me more knowledgeable but it also gave me the life skills which we really need right now and I see a perfect win-win situation for me whenever I get into a new book because I know it's going to give me some new ways to explore life new ideas to try or some new ventures which I never heard before.

  • Becoming confident Since I started reading books I became more confident and also my speech became a little bit clear. Meditation is another thing responsible for my confidence. But when we read more we learn more things and then it comes all together. Having a good reading routine helps us with the vocabulary and creates room for better ideas regarding anything. It's some kind of confidence we develop when we start reading more and more.

  • What change did the books make in my daily life?

This thing is something phenomenal till then I was talking about the character change books made in my life but now I am going to talk about how it changed the way I approached my daily life. When I started reading books I sought many people around me needs wisdom from the books that I read or at least some kind of practical guide to a better living. So I and my friends started this website where we talked about the things like wellbeing and finding purpose or exploring new ways to live a better life. That's how we got started with This thing gave a different perspective to my life. Then came the part in which I was struggling with 'loneliness'. When I had no one around me I used to do nothing and just watch some YouTube videos about how Gordon Ramsay yelled at a chef in hell's kitchen 🤦‍♂️ which wasn't helpful to me in my progress. So I explored books and I started enjoying the process of reading. This year I even made a resolution that I would read or listen to a book every month and guess what I have already read and listened to about 13 books that also in half the year. I see a win here. Audiobooks played a really major role in it. But that's for another post

So that's how books changed my life and the transition it brought in my character. Really reading a particular type of book can change your ways of thinking, reacting, and approaching a situation. That's why it's your best friend. If you enjoyed this post about books here's another blog post you might like this blog about how a book greatly changed my life.

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Cheers ✌️.


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