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The book that greatly changed my life

There is a lot of influence on the content that you consume in your life. Your character revolves around the things you surround yourself with. It can be anything the content you watch, the books that you read or the podcasts you here and also the people you are surrounded with. So it is really important to surround yourself with proper people and the proper medium when it comes to having an influence. So I keep reading books and watch content that helps me in building my character. The book that has greatly influenced my life is "Think like a monk" by "Jay Shetty". It has drawn me into the path of finding the true purpose and most importantly getting rid of the monkey mindset and approaching the monk mindset.

  • Look at the root cause When it comes to problem-solving we solve the problem in two ways. The first one is by looking for the instant fix to which Jay represents it as solving the leaf cause of the problem. The second one is looking for a permanent fix or solving the root cause of the problem. The monkey mindset is to approach the leaf cause while the monk mindset is to approach the root cause of the problem. Monkey mindset tries to find temporary solutions or instant fixes and then struggles with the problem in the long term. But monk mindset goes to the deep and intricate or the root cause of the problem due to which the fix is permanent. So whenever you face a problem try to look at what is holding you back. In the book Think like a monk Jay talks about the "why ladder". You need to keep on asking yourself why you aren't being at high potential or whatever you just have to add the why and keep on asking questions until you reach the deepest why behind the want. Also on the other side, you need to find the deepest why behind your fears. It might take time to get to your deepest fears or the actual answer you are looking for but if you are looking for the permanent fix then you will have to spend some time with it. Let's take an example If you are not being productive and you are struggling with it then ask yourself what is holding you back why I am not putting my full potential. Here if you get the answer that I am not that sort of person then you are looking at the leaf cause but if keep on asking yourself and keep climbing the why ladder and get the answer that you are not enjoying the process that might be the root cause of your problem. Eradicate the root cause. Try to find the solution on how you can make your process more enjoyable instead of tagging yourself as unproductive.

  • Clearing your mind and making the right choices

We, humans, get roughly 70,000 thoughts each day. According to a German scientist and neuroscientist Ernst Pöppel, our mind is only in the present time for about 3 seconds at a time. We constantly keep hovering through our thoughts. Our mind is just like a restless monkey constantly jumping from one branch to the other. Our mind is a conversation between a parent and a child the child is always naïve and doesn't focus on the long term and wants all the things at the spur of the moment it's the monkey mind. While the parent is very clever and knows what's beneficial and good for us and always knows what the child needs in the long term it's like the monk mind. Child mindset cannot be eradicated it is always present in us but whenever the child's mind takeover, the parent should be brought into the picture to control the child. It solely depends on you, whom to listen to. The real and most correct voice might be low in your mind but you should have the ability to listen to it. We need to focus on just one task and get in the flow with it. Instead of juggling through the two mindsets at one time, not an efficient choice. Make the right choice look at the long-term benefits the thing is going to give you accept the pain in the short term.

  • Feeling grateful for...

We often complain about the things we don't have and ignore the things we already have that's where "Gratitude" plays the part. Gratitude is the biggest drug. Be grateful for the ordinary and simple things which you have in your life. Be grateful for the people you have around you and most importantly express gratitude even on bad days because it makes us stronger. When you start your day with gratitude you are opened to opportunities, not obstacles. When you are present in gratitude you can't be present anywhere else. Expressing gratitude to people is like a love cycle. Your brain starts looking for more gratitude. Gratitude comes from realizing that someone else has invested in you. Always remember the two things in life- "the bad we have done to others and the good others have done to us". Always forget the two things- "the bad someone has done to us and the good we have done to others". So when you remember the good others have done to you, you try to seek more and more gratitude.

  • Living in Dharma

Dharma= passion + expertise + usefulness. Dharma is the natural inclination of ourselves. The things which thrive us, which makes us feel happier, and also serve the society then it is a dharma. When you find your real strength build it. Our society is strengthening our weaknesses rather than building our strengths. Find out what you are good at and become an expert in that field. When you play hardest in your areas of strength you find the depth, meaning, and satisfaction in your life. Dharma is a passion for the service of others. Your passion is for you but your purpose is for others. Your passion becomes a purpose when you use it to serve others. So when we have the confidence to know where we thrive, we find opportunities to demonstrate that. This mindset has changed the way I use to work. Now whatever I do has a proper meaning knowing that it might benefit someone else. When you are living in your dharma you are living your best life. When we find our true dharma we get into a flow there's no external force that will bother you. You might lose track of the time in doing that activity. In your dharma, you don't feel out of place. You find it comforting. If you have to find your dharma you should- Finding your dharma- when you do a particular task you might feel alive, you might feel satisfied, confident, and calm. Being in dharma bears repeating of the job you are doing. There should be consistency in the thing that you like to do. When it gets better and better when you do it, that's your dharma. This is absolutely a brilliant way to find your true purpose in life and how it can make you feel better when you are living in your dharma.

This is a must-read book if you need some character change and also if you want to figure out your life and the true purpose of your life. This book can change the way you look at life and the way you function. Deep inside yourself, you will find the transformation happening regarding your character. This book contains a lot of things to explore other than the content which I have provided you and it is a step-by-step guide for a better living.

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