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The learner's strategy- how to keep learning

The first step towards excellence in learning the skill. Having practical knowledge about a thing is important nowadays. People hire you on what skills you have nor only with your namesake educational certificates. How we can learn new skills without going to reputed coaching classes? That's where the learner's strategy comes into the picture. What if we had spent learning new things instead of procrastinating. That will be enough knowledge to get into a corporate job 😆. In this blog let's discuss how we can learn new things widely by increasing our attentional space.

  • Always be a student.

"If you don't break your ego life will break it for you". Whatever position you are in right now, you know nothing. Always remember this thing no matter how well versed and educated or even rich you become stay grounded. Whenever you approach someone to ask them to teach any skill the first thing you scrape off is your ego. Get rid of that and be a student. If we see that, we don't know everything we try to act as if we are the only knowledgeable in the room it's a natural human instinct. Never underestimate anyone if a person is bad at academics he might be good at music. If anyone is not good at sports he or she might be good at public speaking. "If you are good at one particular game doesn't mean that you are the best player explore other games you will understand you know nothing". Always be a student because life will teach you tons of things you need to grasp those things and learn from them and not simply neglect them.

  • Be greedy for knowledge and skills.

When it comes to learning new skills you have to make a move towards enjoying the content which you are learning and not only enjoying but also being eager to learn more and more. When you face any kind of problem your first intention should be clearing out the problem and heading towards learning the skill. The best intention you can put forth is what kind of change is the skill going to bring in your life and what part does it play in your life. It might be anything from helping you to get into a better position or getting you any other job. Find the intention and learn and be greedy for knowledge and skills and not the reward you are going to get after you do it.

  • The learning goal. I use to keep goals which are out of my control. Like if I want to get good grades in my exam then my goal should be practicing questions every day or studying for 4hrs every day. You have to keep process-based goals rather than outcome-based ones. Getting good marks is only in your control when you are studying regularly. This is what James Clear talks about in his book 'Atomic habits' about goals. I agree with it and so as a learner your goal should learning something new every day. If you learn something new every day which at least 1% it's fine to change the tag from nothing to something. So if you want to specialize in any skill you have to keep process-based goals that are in your control.

  • Make use of your free time. When people are assigned to do something they can either say yes or they can say they don't have time for it. [check our blog on how to steal time where I have talked about why you should stop saying "I don't have time"]. So whenever you say I don't have time to someone remember the moment where you were scrolling social media and you denied doing a task just for that thing. So if we filter out the time which we for social media and watching random TV shows and use that time in learning new things like coding or learning a new language we will find the time to do new and insightful things. So use your free time to make the most of your attentional space because what we pay attention to is what we become. That's why attention is so precious that's why everyone wants to steal it.

  • Enjoy what you are doing.

The last and the most important thing to remember to enjoy the thing which you do. "We should enjoy the things we do rather than doing the things which we enjoy- Ali Abdaal". We will always come to a point where you will hate the learning process and think about giving up but the tact is not to leave the thing in the middle but instead look at the positive side of it like how that skill brought a change in your life and just enjoy the process. There is a famous Bollywood movie called '3 Idiots' in this scene where the main character Rancho [Amir Khan] explains that we don't take education to achieve the first rank in our college but to learn something new and interesting. There is this line in which he says "Even a lion from a circus learns to sit on a table just because of fearing from the whip but we call that lion well trained not well educated". This is 100% true you have to enjoy the thing that you do and look at the bigger picture of why you are learning the skill and how it is going to help you. Also check out this video to know how Indian education system has ruined our dreams.


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