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How to study for exams [part 3]

In the last two parts of the [how to study for exams] blog, we saw how we can study effectively by using some evidence-based study techniques which can help us to study less and remember more. Today in this blog we are going to go through study strategies that help you while working in groups or if you have an accompanying friend who is studying along with you.

  • Find the perfect group This is a major step you need to choose the right group of friends. If you choose the bad ones you will certainly end up like them. If you want to progress choose the people who are interested in progressing. The right kind of intention will help you get through. Choosing good friends doesn't mean being friends with the ones who have weird intentions but you should keep a distance from those guys. Join a group that is interested in doing something incredible. If you still don't find a group study on your own as mentioned in the previous blog.

  • Exchange the weekly agendas

Once you are in a group or even if you find a friend who is interested to accompany you with your study routine you can start of by exchanging the weekly agendas or daily to-do lists. Firstly you have to plan for the day or a week and then share with your friend and just promise them that you will finish it by the end of the day. When you tell your daily activities to someone else you tend to finish it off because at that time your self-respect and reputation are on the line 😆. It's like dealing with some kind of deadline. I discovered this when I and my friend were trying to get things done but we were getting into the procrastination loop. So my friend came up with the idea of exchanging the to-do list items so that we would get things done. We made a pact between us that we would not sleep until we get that thing done. You just have to plan a little bit less because you need to do things deeply and more efficiently with your full focus by using all of your attentional space. Planning more won't help you get more done but instead, you might face burnout and would work less efficiently the next day.

  • Ask for help

No one is going to help you until you ask for it. Ask for help from the right person. There's one point in the book 'think like a monk' where Jay Shetty talks about asking for help from the right person. So he says that "you can go to a person with all your 50 problems or you can go to 50 people with your one problem". Both the ideas are bad ones because you need to approach the right person every time. You can't ask a person for help when he can't himself [it is just one approach]. When you are in a problem ask for help from the right person. Even if it is some kind of a doubt or a concept which you don't understand ask for help.

  • The group past paper analysis

This is is something every student should do. I and my friend used to hop on a Zoom call to discuss past papers so that we know how well we can approach the concept. Also sometimes you are doing the question the wrong way the other one can help you through it. This is a super simple way to study when you are studying in a group you are more interested in the questions [it depends on what you are studying if it's physics I am definitely down 😅]. I used to do these sessions when it was really difficult to get out of that rut so you are back on your way to studying. When I used to ask my friend to help me with the papers I had to get up and start studying so that I know the concepts well. It's like a simple trick to kick procrastination.

So that's it for this one. By working together we can make it through those lazy days where you just don't feel productive. You can even make plans for a hangout space like libraries where you and your group would just use the Pomodoro technique and focus for like 50 mins or 25 mins with a timer. That might sound pretty weird but it is a fun thing to do. After all, it is about enjoying the ride.

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