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Life's amazing secrets

1. Always have a positive mindset but don't ignore the negatives follow the positives and tackle through your problems. When you have a problem in life you can do two things if you can do something about the problem you will try to find the solution but if the situation is not in our control you can do nothing but wait. Both the situations will lead to only one destination ''why worry''. Because if you can do something about the problem you will probably do it if you can't then it's still Ok.

2. If we need to treat people with more dignity and value we should also treat the inanimate objects with great respect and should learn to respect them because when we show disrespect to any non-living object also our behaviour carries on with our relations. We should always think before we speak because the way we talk can affect the person even if it doesn't seem inappropriate.

3. Not only increase the standard of living but also increase the standard of giving''. Spirituality doesn't kill our ambition and the zest to achieve but it changes our motive to achieve. It makes us want to be hugely successful so that we can have the resources to help others.

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