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Leaders eat last

  1. Real leaders are not the one's who aim for leadership just to enjoy the perks but to think about people first. It is okay for leaders to enjoy all the perks afforded to them but they must be willing to give up those perks when it matters. Real leaders look for the people who are on the right of them and to the left of them, they are always ready to sacrifice their comfort for the people.

  2. When the working environment is not satisfied the cooperation among the people declines as well as people try to make them safe firstly and then the team. The quality of trust only comes from the people when we spend time time with them and give equal opportunity without being biased.

  3. When the leaders assure the people of the organization about their safety in any particular condition there is a lot more probability that the team will hold up till the end and find it's way out of the storm. People will care more about the organization's progress when they know they are in safe hands.


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