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The Alchemist

Author- Paulo Coelho

  • What is a dream?

A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said "Dream is not that which we see while sleeping, it is that which does not let us sleep".
  • The Alchemist is a book which explains what dream is. The author has explained this through the story of a shepherd boy who sees a dream that there is a treasure in the pyramids. It is not about the dream or the treasure it's about his hardship or will power. Seeing a dream is not enough to be successful you also have to work on it. On every stage when the boy moves towards his dream to find the treasure he loses almost everything but never turns back, he goes ahead.

  • Many a times it happens that the boy has choices whether to choose a great life which he is living at the present or to go towards his dream. He leaves behind everything and selects his dream . This situation occurs so many times in everyone's life where they have to choose between their dream which is quite hard or to continue living the way they are living and of course a lot of people live the way they were because it's the easiest thing to do.

  • Every person has a dream or a purpose in their life but it's just because they don't try they fail. People underestimate their dreams and their own self and never lead to a happy life.


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