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Think like a monk

  1. Let go the instant gratification, anxiety, anger, envy, lust, fear, addiction and jealousy. The cancers of mind are Compare, Complain and Criticize. Search for the root cause of the problems and try to eradicate the problem permanently.

  2. The Dharma equation is Passion + Expertise + Usefulness = Dharma. Live in your Dharma to experience the best of life. Dharma or the thing in which you invest your time to become skilful, have a passion about it and also serve the world through your work.

  3. Service should be more over like an intentional one rather than unintentionally because when you serve with intention of internal happiness you doesn't expect for reward in return, the one receiving it and the one giving the service are happy in their own state of mind. "True service doesn't expect or even want anything in return". Selfish service doesn't bring you the feeling of anything.


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