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Note-Taking VS Note-Making

Note-taking has played an important role in human history. Ancient Greeks used the word hypomnema (ὑπόμνημα) to describe what could be translated as a note, a reminder, or an anecdotal record. So are you a note-taker or a note maker? We keep on scribbling notes even if it is in a digital way or in a written way. We always need it but which is the most efficient way or which you should follow? If you guys want to know the importance of notes or how to take digital notes then check out this blog post where I have mentioned my note-taking process and the purpose for which we need notes.

  • Note-taking

Note-taking is the practice of recording notes from a source in a short way in which you just highlight the main important stuff from the whole research or story. It is a passive creation of ideas. The only main thing right here is that you don't add up anything of your own and just copy the highlighted part from the actual text. So consider if you are taking some book notes there are various times where the author quotes something which you like and then you note it down in your note-taking app or your physical notes. That is what note-taking is. You are just copying the author's ideas without putting any extra effort of your own. This is really a great way to get the key points from the actual stuff quickly. It is an efficient way to document things and also to accumulate the important content so that you can add it up in your project or article whenever you need it.

  • Note Making

Note making is the process of writing notes with your own creation after understanding the terms from the given text or paragraph. It takes time because it requires your own creation as well as it is the process of active creation. You need to put your own attention to make notes because here it's not only the keywords that play the active role but also your own understanding of the text which forms the whole note-making process tangible. Note-making is a simplified version of the actual material so that you can understand it easily. Sometimes if you are reading a book where you don't understand the author's words or the meaning of the words then you do some extra research on the words and write that in a simplified way so that you can understand the actual meaning of the context. Sometimes even I write examples to which I can relate easily. These are actually the simple cores steps that help you to enhance your understanding level.

  • What is good for you? So after taking a look at both the process let's come to a conclusion which is actually better than the other one. According to me, note-making is the best learning process because in this one you have to give your final touch so that you will understand the concept or the idea of the actual text. The simpler the notes the better you will understand and the better you remember the thing. Let's consider an example you are told to memorize Newton's third law of motion which is basically the easiest of the first two [even students remember the third one and forget the first and second 😅] If you write the actual definition you might take some time to memorize it. But if you know that the working of a rocket depends on the third law as the rocket goes up after it's ignited because of the ignition which is given to lift it up. Then it becomes easier to remember that "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction which acts simultaneously". So it's like using the Feynman technique which is the best way to remember things in much simpler chunks. [Check out this blog post to know what is Feynman technique is and how it is useful to study efficiently in your exams]. Note-making is a simple technique to understand and remember anything better.

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