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The art of being consistent

The most difficult thing in a habit formation process is being consistent with what you are doing. If you aren't consistent about what you are doing you would never make it a habit. Being consistent is just like art you should have that flow of showing up every day to the gym or reading at least 10 pages of the book every day. You need to develop that art by practicing it every day so that you would get that painting of perfection or master that skill in the long term. In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can be more consistent so that you won't miss and day in building a new habit.

  • Why we suck at being consistent When it comes to being consistent regarding anything which, you want to make it a habit we always turn down from our resolutions and goals. We often face this thing because our goals are long-term. It's the end product we get at the end of the process. When we always care for the end results or the output we mess up with the inputs or the efforts we put into the process. And the most important thing why it sucks to be consistent because we don't change the methods to achieve your goals. If you keep changing small things or like upgrading the methods of your input then you get bored of the regular routine. You need to treat it as a game that you are playing with yourself. Compete every day to be better than yesterday.

  • Good things take time

Once a woman asked Pablo Picasso to make a sketch of her. He finished the sketch and told the madam "Ma'am this is your sketch now give me 10,000 dollars". She replied that "you just did the sketch in 30 seconds how you can ask me to pay so much amount. Picasso replied that "It took me 30 years to complete the sketch in 30 seconds". This event shows that if you want to master anything you have to put endless efforts and hard work into it to reach the top of the game. If you try to crash out everything at once you would feel burnout and there might be a chance that you would not enjoy the task you are doing. But if you are doing the task every single day and turn it into a habit then you will progress and master the skill. First thing you have to remember that any kind of change you are making will take time even if it is something regarding your character or trying to get benefited from meditation. You will not see the changes immediately. But when you are doing the thing consistently for several months or years you will notice the change and when you look back from where you had started you would see that you have made huge progress.

  • If you want to make big changes start from small ones Let's take an example. If you want to build a muscular body your first need to show up at the gym. Here the small thing you need to change is to wake up early in the morning to show up at the gym every day. Even the small thing can be getting changed into your gym outfit rather than being in the bed and sleeping till 10am. As Admiral William McRaven says "If you want to change the world start off by making your bed" Because these small tasks will give you the small sense of pride that you have accomplished something. So whenever you want to create something huge or making a change in your character do these small things that will lead to more huge accomplishments. If you decide to complete one small task every day at the end of the year you will have 365 tasks completed which means you will be 365 times better than the last year. If you are not able to do those small things right you won't be able to do the big things right. So start from small don't lift 50kgs of weight on the first day of the gym start with 5kg.

  • Make it your priority The one most important thing that I learned from the book "Make Time" is making time for the things that matter the most to you. It's called the highlight of the day. A highlight is a thing you need to get done before the end of the day it is the one thing that needs to be on the top of your priority list. When you make anything your number one priority you take more efficient steps to clear it and get it done. Now when you are not able to create consistency make the thing your number one priority. Like today my highlight is to complete this blog post. Last week when I was struggling to write two blog posts a week I made a decision to make it my highlight to write two blog posts a week and I am here doing my task.

  • Make time for your long term goals

When I was in school we use to get assignments to complete and they use to give us a deadline of a week or two. My dad always used to tell me and now also he tells me "even if the submission date is after two weeks start from today". Show up every day on your long-term goals because when you have a deadline for which you have a lot of time and you tend to procrastinate and put the task on the back seat. But instead, if we do a little bit every single day we don't feel stressed out. We always struggle with things that are short-term painful and gives us long-term gain. What is it like to be struggling with the project or assignment on the night before the submission? You waste the whole day behind that just one project and also feels stressed on the night before. If you want to make a habit of anything always remember to go step by step and most importantly take action every day and make time for it. If you want to be consistent at writing blogs write a paragraph every day and you can certainly make time for it you cannot nudge the global saying of "I don't have time". If you really want to change you will make time for it. Once you make time for it you will show up every day at the gym, You will write one paragraph every day if you want to be better at writing. Small increments every day will lead to higher returns in the future as everything compounds. [simple investment trick that I learned 😉]

After all, habits become your character when you repeat them again and again. Just create the write intention for what you are doing and know the why behind the want things will occur automatically. And once you make it a habit of exercising, writing, or even being productive you will feel guilty when you miss a day.

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