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Why we are always miserable?

We live in a society where your success is measured by the material things which you have. We are crawling down with the pressure from society. Self-doubt is another hell of a thing that everyone faces at some point in their life. You want to learn something new but you feel the resistance of starting something new. Having a winners mindset makes you feel pressured that you might fail and what will society say? These things are making our life more miserable and we are losing our edge for a better life. Creating a life where you are enjoying all your aspects might be rarely found. That's why we are never happy with what we have and rather focus on what we will have.

I am not what I think I am, I am not what you think I am. I am what you think I think I am - Charles Horton Cooley.

The above quote means that we are living in a perception of a perception of ourselves. We are living our life as according to what people think. We just want to look best in the eyes of others. But do we ask ourselves that what suites me? Why do we want to prove to the society that we have achieved the best life? Why we can't be imperfect at certain times? No one is perfect and that's why running behind an ideal and picture-perfect life is a waste. I will tell you why. When you are always thinking about the future and running behind the things you always want to achieve postpones your happiness to enjoy the moment right now. The worries about what will happen next don't let us enjoy the present. We keep on juggling with "what if's" and lose our attention on "what is". We should focus on our goals and work in the present accordingly and not keep daydreaming about it every time.

Keeping regrets is also an unviable thing. Whenever we keep thinking about our past actions it makes us feel that we haven't achieved anything in life. It just makes us unhappy. When you feel any kind of regrets anytime then you should just let it go because you can't change a past action. Whenever a moment of truth arises do what you think is the best but don't hover over your decision afterward. Making a decision was the most important thing. [Read this to know more about decision-making]. Don't have any regrets just go on with whatever you face. Live a zero regret life.

Overthinking is another thing to be avoided to save your life from becoming a mess. We try to visualize all the possible outcomes every time we face a problem. I like this one "My life is full of dreadful problems which never happened to me". It completely shows how we are thinking about all the worst possible outcomes which are never going to occur. We need to analyse our thinking and then judge whether the matter we are thinking is really necessary regarding problem-solving or is it just cluttering in your mind. It's like an addiction to overthinking. Read this blog where I have highlighted some stuff to overcome overthinking.

Everything is possible to achieve you just need to take the initial step to start your journey. Don't be too afraid to take the step make your move confidently so that you have no regrets afterward. We are too afraid to start. That self-doubt always pulls your leg down. "Your biggest mistakes won’t be your failures. It will be the shots you never took". You need to figure out the process and then you can make the move. Most of the things revolve around this concept itself.

Enjoy your life. Don't make it a mess.

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Cheers ✌️.


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